Dog Product Reviews

Grooming Practice Tip Number Three: Nail Trimming

When we talk about dog feet, it’s inevitable that we’re going to talk about dog nails. And dog nails means… nail trimming

Queue the moans and the sighs. Everyone has one or two (or many more!) nightmares about trying to trim doggy toenails. But I have good news; learning to trim nails with ease is not only possible, there is an entire army of dog owners who do it every day! 

In the Bag... Poodle Goods. My Favorite Grooming Bag!

Are you searching high and love for the perfect dog grooming bag? Do you take too many bags, totes, and containers with you to dog shows? If so, then you must check out this blog post about the quest for the perfect grooming bag! Because, hey- if this bag can work for Standard Poodles in full show coat, it can work for any breed of dog!