Galavanting Poodles Core Values & Beliefs

Preserving the Poodle Breed

Galavanting Poodles believes the poodle to be a dignified, intelligent, and loving companion.
Galavanting Poodles works to preserve the poodle breed for current and future generations of people to live with, love, work beside, and cherish.
Galavanting Poodles works only with other reputable poodle breeders to preserve and improve the line of poodles bred through the Galavanting kennel.
Galavanting Poodles does not condone the use of the poodle breed to create poodle-mix dogs, often referred to as “doodles.”

Mental + Physical Soundness

Galavanting Poodles believes the poodle to be a highly functional breed, both mentally and physically.
Galavanting Poodles breeds poodle puppies that thrive on activity good for their brains and their bodies.
Galavanting Poodles socializes poodle puppies with other humans (including children).
Galavanting Poodles uses brain games and obstacle courses to train puppies before sending the puppies to their new homes.

100% support for all Galavanting Puppies

Galavanting Poodles believes that all puppies bred through the Galavanting kennel are part of our family through out their life.
Galavanting Poodles provides 24/7 “tech support” to all of our extended puppy families.
Galavanting Poodles will always have room for any puppy or adult poodle, bred at the Galavanting kennel, who, for whatever reason, may need to come back home.